an ode to my period

this is a ode

(when you type ode into google [pronoun] suggests odell beckham jr. ugh

what a marshmallow hater, am i right lena?)

to drinking too much apple juice at the box car diner,

sitting down in the nasty ass smelling bathroom

(if i breathe through my mouth will i inhale dangerous particles?)

wiping my ass,

and a bit startled, remembering that my body makes the

most magnificent color on earth.

(lena may argue I’m bias due to red being the first syllable

of the last name, but i disagree).

it’s not like other blood.

it floats and sinks better. it changes color better.

my friend’s hippy mom told me once my body was made of stars,

she literally said exactly that,

but hell i think she meant mars.

and let’s be crystal for a second, this isn’t an ode to women

(even though i love us, i mean i try really hard, i mean

it’s a little harder when we’re white though, sometimes

myself is almost too many. but i’m trying)

a lot of folks got a uterus. a lot of women don’t bleed.

this is an ode to ugly

and smelly

(is that what those fools like to say?)

because hell, maybe finally men i don’t know

will think i’m gross enough,

to leave me the fuck alone.

gives me more time to stare in the toilet

bowl and be thankful i made something

beautiful today.



photo by rupi kaur as part of her incredible period photo series. feel thankful here


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